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This plugin adds up to 4 new information fields to the bbPress forum profile.

The web administrator sets up the field names, and the forum users populate their details.

  • Many sites would like to have the forum user’s location, so city and state, or country can be set up as fields
  • On a gaming site you could fields like favourite game, platform, level achieved, highest score, favourite character.
  • On a diet site you could let users have target weight, diet plan, weight lost so far etc.
  • On a film site you could have favourite film, best actor, film genre.
  • Or on a golf site you could have handicap.

In fact up to 4 pieces of information that your forum users might want to display.

On the profile these would show as for instance


Additionally any/all of these fields can be set to show after the author details on topics and replies.



Download and set up

1. Install this from the wordpress plugin site  Go to Dashboard>plugins>add new

3. In the search box type ‘profile information’ You will see ‘bbp profile information by Robin Wilson’

4. Click install now

5. and then activate

6. Go into settings and set up as required.