Free-ship plugin (Per Product free shipping for Marketpress)

Works with wordpress 3.7.1 and Marketpress lite 2.5.1- the WP e-commerce lite version (the free one)

Many websites use Marketpress Lite, and use table-rate for shipping prices – table rate sets a shipping costs based on order value.

However table-rates don’t always work well.

Example : your website sells tickets, t-shirts and sweatshirts for an event.

For instance if you’re selling high value items with a low weight in amongst other merchandise, a customer can pay a high shipping cost for an actual low shipping cost.

So buying a £15 event ticket will attract the same shipping price as a sweatshirt.

Now yes you can use a weight based shipping calculation, but then you have to enter weights for everything, and it can get really complicated for the customer to understand.

So this plugin allows you to set free shipping on an item.

That way a free shipping ticket can go in with the concert t-shirt they order.

Example : special offers

Many websites now offer free-shipping as a sales incentive on certain items.

This plugin lets you quickly and easily set it up.

How it works

The plugin sets up a box within each product page, with a simple click box to set free shipping for that product.

On installation, you’ll need to back into store settings>shipping, and in “select shipping method” set it to “Fs table rate” and then set up your shipping tables again.

Otherwise that’s it.

The store won’t flag free shipping anywhere to the customer, so you are free to decide how to flag this (or not).

Download this to your PC, and then using dashboard>plugins>add new and select upload files and upload the zipped file to your site

8 Responses to Free-ship plugin (Per Product free shipping for Marketpress)

  1. Vince says:

    Hi Robin,
    You had made a special Free Shipping pluggin for me to use with MarketPress Lite version along with Table rates.

    I have since upgraded to MarketPress thinking I would get better shipping options, i.e. calculated, but it doesn’t seem to be working with the Free shipping.

    So, not knowing where the problem lies I will describe what it is that I’d like to have. It really doesn’t seem like these should be anything special.

    Using MarketPress:
    – Calcualted shipping using product weights using USPS
    – Ability to offer free shipping on certain products (and their variants) within my country.
    – Specify a discount for foreign shipping, i.e. $3.00 off or by percentage, or I currently achieve this by using the Free Shipping w/table rates (but it doesn’t work)

    Am I doing something wrong or are these “special” requests?

    btw, I think it is crazy that if I have all the table data filled in and I try switching to something else, it erases all the data and I have to re-enter it…

    Any help or direction you could give me on this would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Does this plugin work for the paid version of marketpress? I would be willing to pay for it. thanks.

  3. admin says:

    Vince & Patrick

    Sorry I can’t answer why this doesn’t work with the paid version of Marketpress, as I don’t have it.

    I can’t think that they have changed the way it works quite so much.

    Patrick – have you tried this with the pro version? Since it is free – give it a go, and if it works consider donating a few pounds.

    Vince – when you say I made you a special version – is this different to the one above? I do lots of bits in lots of places and can’t directly remember what I did for you 🙂

    and on “btw, I think it is crazy that if I have all the table data filled in and I try switching to something else, it erases all the data and I have to re-enter it…” totally agree but that’s how there plugin works !

  4. Robert says:

    Great Plug IN. Easy to install – Will be testing later today!

  5. Robert says:

    I have checked the box but it does not exclude the shipping flat rate at check out. Not sure what I am doing wrong?

  6. KWS Adams says:

    This is awesome. Thank you for sharing. This helps sellers to ship those which are free.

  7. Ahmed says:

    Great job, Is this plugin works with WooCommerce? if not are you aware of any..

  8. Rachel says:

    Hello, we have this plugin installed on our site so that violin lessons can be marked with free shipping, while regular products are subject to the table rate shipping. However, the plugin seems to interfere with MarketPress Lite’s tax calculations. Our Store Settings for MarketPress Lite indicate a tax rate of 8.25% and we have the option to apply tax to shipping fees set to Yes.

    If I disable the Free-ship plugin, then there are no shipping costs added (because MarketPress Lite defaults back to no shipping) but taxes on products are calculated correctly: 8.25% within Texas and no tax outside of Texas.

    With this plugin enabled, the shipping costs are added back in but the taxes are no longer being calculated correctly.

    For a buyer in Texas, purchasing one shippable item at $65 and one virtual item at $80 with total shipping cost of $7, the tax is calculated at $5.94. That’s 8.25% of the shippable item plus shipping cost, with the virtual item being excluded from tax. That’s as it should be (we have the virtual items set with a special tax rate of 0%).

    However, for a buyer in California, with the same items in the cart, the tax is calculated at $0.58. That’s 8.25% of the $7 shipping cost, but no tax should be applied to buyers outside of Texas, and with the Free-ship plugin disabled that is working correctly.

    Is there some way to update this plugin so that it doesn’t interfere with the tax calculations? Any help would be appreciated, because this works great otherwise!

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