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This plugin is no longer being maintained – use bbp Private Groups if you want to achieve this functionality and much more !

For bbPress – displays private forums titles and optional descriptions to non-logged in users in main index, and optionally hides the prefix ‘private’

This plugin for bbPress lets ‘non-logged in’ users see that private forums exist, useful if you want people to register, but not see content. It also puts sub forums in a list order and adds any descriptions (forum content).

Forums are visible in the main index, but when clicked by a someone not logged in, they are sent to a page which can contain anything – for instance a sign up and or login prompt eg

image 1

To install this plugin:


1. Download this plugin using the link below, and click save
2. Go to Dashboard>plugins>add new
3. Click Upload, and select the file private-forum-visibility.zip’
4. Click install
5. and then activate
6. create a page for non-logged in users to be sent to, and put whatever content you wish. If you want a login, use bbPress’s shortcode ‘[bbp-login]’
7. go into settings and set up as required.
[wpdm_file id=10]


Whilst you can have multiple categories and forums, this plugin assumes that all forums under a particular category will all be private or public. The only effect of mixing these could be that the freshness link will display a sign-up page to non logged in users when a public forum has a later post.